Ủng hộ chi phí duy trì website

Vì tình hình dịch bệnh Covid19, mình đang gặp khó khăn trong việc duy trì website. Mình rất mong nhận được sự giúp đỡ của các bạn để tiếp tục có kinh phí vận hành website.

A Man In His 30s Explains To Me What’s Wrong With Women In Their 30s

Those bloody women over 35… They’re all tick-tock, tick-tock.

Hannah Furst
Apr 7 · 4 min read
Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

I recently got an unsolicited message on Instagram from a guy who claimed to have matched with me on Hinge in 2019. The DM is longer than a full-screen iPhone 11. A lot of effort has obviously been put into the crafting of this charming message.