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Hi everyone, below are all my published works, sorted by topic. This page will be regularly updated with all my current work.

Hi there! Welcome to my blog.

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Feel free to join me on this crazy adventure called life. For my professional life, I’ve focused on informal education i.e. not the typical teacher in a classroom lecturing at her students but fun unique educational experiences in places like museums instead. I love learning about and sharing the beauty and craziness of the world with all ages in unique and fun ways. Not everyone learns the same way or grew up with the same educational background and therefore accessibility in these learning opportunities has always been a big focus for me.

Many of…

Dreaming Humor

Judge us not by our size

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Despite our diminutive nature, we are strong, capable, even fearsome.

I sit at the helm, my steed and partner Zariel rumbling beneath me in anticipation. Under my guidance, she grabs the massive weight and moves it where it needs to go, her purr becoming a growl under the strain.

But do not fear. She is strong.

We are strong.

Though more commonplace than her fearsome or fantastical brothers and sisters, Zariel and I have paved the way, never backing down from a challenge.

We are young, still learning, but aching for adventure. …

6 cooking lessons that are actually life lessons

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Cooking is something beautiful. It brings people together in a special way, providing nourishment and a fun adventure for your taste buds. It introduces you to new flavors and sensations that can completely change your day.

What you learn through cooking can be applied to so many different areas of your life, and so without further ado, let’s dive in!

A recipe walks you through how to make your dish. …

Even if you’re pinching pennies, some things are worth spending a little more money on

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We’ve all been there. Money is a little tight and your budget becomes stricter. You start questioning every purchase. Do I need this? Right now? Can I get something similar for cheaper? Can I get this from the dollar mart instead of a brand name store? Defining wants and needs becomes paramount as you remind yourself how your savings will add up to help you last until payday.

Even if you’re not pinching pennies right now, living thriftily is often encouraged to help you have savings for that unknown emergency. …

Post-COVID Life Advice from Holiday Adventures.

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Things have been a little busy and stressful for both me and my partner lately. Work, family, plans for the future, the usual. So, when he unexpectedly had an extra day off for the 4th of July weekend, we wanted to do something fun as opposed to sitting around at the apartment and maybe making hot dogs or hamburgers on the stove for Independence Day.

Drive up to Maine, either Portland or a state park? Go to Boston, the Cape, etc.? It quickly became clear that we did not want to go somewhere busy, even though we were fully vaccinated…

The benefits of play on childhood development

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As a parent or educator, you are often looking for ways to engage your child(ren) in healthy behaviors that will help them develop in productive ways. You are also looking to decrease unhealthy behaviors that may impair development.

Unfortunately, playtime is often seen as part of the latter category or simply not beneficial for development. It’s seen as a luxury, an option to keep them occupied so that you can get some peace and quiet or simply time for you to hang out with them. …

Observe the moon June 24th and the rest of the year with this quick guide

The Moon rises as a Metrorail car crosses the Potomac River in Washington D.C. on July 16, 2019–50 years to the day after astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin launched on Apollo 11, the first mission to land astronauts on the Moon. Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls | Full image and caption

You’ve probably seen a few alerts over the past few days about the Strawberry Moon on June 24th. But what is it? Is it pink? How can you view it? What is available to go a little deeper? Let’s dive in!

It’s the last full moon of spring/ the first full moon of summer. While it may look a little pinkish at this time of year, do not expect it to look like a strawberry and that is not actually the reasoning of the title…

A reflection on growing up

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As children, being an adult is often looked at with excitement and anticipation. As a “big person”, you get to do so many things. No one gets to tell you what to do or drag you along to things you don’t want. You get to make the decisions.

At a very early age, we are told to “act like a big boy/girl” and practice taking on responsibilities, being more patient, helping others, etc. Eventually, we start hearing phrases like “act your age”, “act more mature”, or “you’re a young adult now”. …

28 Things I’ve Learned as I Approach My 28th Birthday

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Life is always passing us by and we do our best to learn from it. Much of what we learned as kids was oversimplified, idealistic, or even just plain wrong. Nothing can beat life experiences, but I have found several things that I just wish I had been told or warned about.

So, here are 28 things that I have learned in my nearly 28 years of life on this Earth that might help some of you. It ranges from random “life hacks” to advice about work, relationships, and life in general. Feel free to take what you wish. Everyone’s…

Sarah Marie

Just a curious person searching for answers about life, the world, and the universe. A little bit of everything: Science, space, books, life, self-care.

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