You’ve probably never heard of these, but they’re common sense to Japanese people.

For someone who played sports throughout the majority of her life, I admit I was never good at portion control or exercising for weight loss. My teammates were extremely lean while I looked — as my brother would say — chonky.

I didn’t have the best relationship with my body so I wanted to slim down and feel better about it, but I couldn’t find anything in the U.S that I felt like I could realistically accomplish. To be honest, the fitness culture in this country scares me. …

“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” — Richard Bach

Consistently doing anything on a daily basis, such as writing, can be a rigorous challenge. The main reason is that we have to engage in solidifying habits that we’re not used to building.

Our level of consciousness and self-awareness is reflective of our skills in building healthy habits. One such example of this is writing daily, which I’m sure many of us struggle to do even on Medium.

I personally struggle with writing consistently also, especially because I write without hard deadlines in place. When something isn’t an immediate deadline, it tends to fall off the edge of our to-do…

From mind-blowing stories to cultural self-reflection and growth

I’m sure you’ve seen pictures and videos of Indian weddings. Plenty of my friends and classmates used to come up to me and ask, “Bro, does this actually happen at weddings?” — they would say as they showed me a video of colors flying, elephants walking, and a hundred different instruments filling the hall with music.

“Yeah pretty much,” I would respond as they stared at me in awe.

The elephant thing might be a bit of an exaggeration, but hey, it does happen sometimes. There are hardly any quiet Indian weddings. …

It was fulfilling.

Sitting in an office cubicle (or cooped up in the corner of my apartment, nowadays) for 40 hours a week, I often miss working in the service industry. I felt rewarded, challenged, and fulfilled every day. Nowadays, I type in Excel formulas and create dashboards for hours on end. At the end of the day, I think: What did I even accomplish today?

Although white-collar jobs come with prestige and societal recognition, I sometimes can’t help but feel that they could be missing a major ingredient to a fulfilling life.

Many have probably heard the advice: “You should work in…

What long-distance relationships taught me

We are living in a time where economic and technological development has made it easier for couples to be separated by distance. Especially in these uncertain times, there are a ton of couples who have been separated by life changes.

Despite the drastic changes that happened in 2020, my partner and I have been able to stay connected during the past year without any conflicts. We live on the opposite sides of the country, yet we managed to become more present in each other’s lives. …

And why I’m choosing to do it anyway

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all in many ways. We’ve seen it in the news, in the media, and especially in our personal lives. In particular, our frontline workers have experienced the horrors of facing this pandemic every single day for over a year.

I’ve seen videos of doctors and nurses in tears, their faces bright red from all the crying and scars being left from the masks worn all day in the hospital. It’s not an easy thing to be able to walk into work every day knowing that lives can’t be saved.

I’m an incoming medical student…

And the 4 most important lessons I learned from them

I’m at an interesting point in my life. COVID-19 hit right as I was about to graduate from college, so I’ve been back home for the past year. On top of that, I’m starting medical school in the Fall, so I’ve really had nothing but time on my hands while I wait to begin my new journey.

With this time, I decided to invest in something truly meaningful to me. Every morning, I wake up, have a cup of coffee with my maternal grandparents, and go for an hour-long walk with them outside to catch the sunrise.

Coming back home…

And 10 tips to easily incorporate them into your life

I’ve previously written about the productivity techniques I used to graduate at the top of my college class and get into medical school. But the truth is: you can’t be productive without first knowing how to manage your time.

Productivity is essentially how much quality work you can accomplish in a given amount of time. To enhance your productivity, you have to excel in the discipline of time management.

When I started college, I came in with the solidified desire to pursue medicine. But with almost straight Cs in my high school science classes, I was treading some very dangerous…

How to understand your finances and make a budget plan

When I first graduated from college, I had no idea how to manage my finances — how much to save, spend, or invest. I was overwhelmed, constantly stressing about the cycle of cash flowing in and out. Without a budgeting plan, I felt as if my whole life was out of control.

That’s when I realized I wanted to have 1) a budgeting plan that freed me from the burden of worrying about money. It was also important for me to 2) eliminate lifestyle inflation, which is a phenomenon where my spending increases as my income increases. …

The dropshipping secret that can help you compete against Amazon

Melvin Chee is an Australian eCommerce Specialist who built a series of companies, both grossing millions of dollars. One website, in particular, totaled revenue of $15 million in the span of 8 months.

He was only a typical college student with $100 when he started his $15 million company. How did he grow his $100 to gross a total of $15 million over the span of 8 months?

He started dropshipping, which is a form of retail business in which the entrepreneur holds no inventory. The products are shipped straight to the consumer, which is appealing for entrepreneurs like Melvin…

Project HBE

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