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Marcus Chan

Living a life of quality doesn’t have to cost anything

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#1. YouTube

Don’t quote me on this but probably 99% of the people you know use YouTube as a platform for their entertainment. Some use it for knowledge or tutorials on matters they don’t understand. But even fewer use it to benefit themselves.

I’m talking about replacing your gym subscription with Youtube videos.

This trend started during the pandemic. And now, there are so damn many home workout videos on YouTube now that you can’t even finish all of them if you just do one a day. What’s even better is that most of them don’t require you to have any equipment…

The military way of living a growth-oriented life.

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Somewhere between 475 and 221 B.C.E., a Chinese military strategist named Sun Tzu wrote this journal of how he would approach an enemy and how to defeat them with the utmost integrity. Since then, these methods detailed in his book are widely implemented and commonly quoted all the way from Napolean to General Mao Zedong to businessmen/businesswomen of modern society.

When there is an enemy to defeat or a competition, people first think of the Art of War. Because even after more than 1000 years, it still remains true!

Nonetheless, I think the strategies in that book was written for…

Until 2050

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#1. Never stop meeting new people

Whether you like that person from the first impression, go say hello and ask how they’re doing. Because despite the possibility of them being the most annoying person, the most toxic friend, the most unhygienic brother, or even the least educated person on earth, there is something special about them. And that something special is a learning opportunity for you.

Everybody has a story and had made mistakes. Learn from the mistakes and experiences of others, good or bad, we can’t live long enough to make them all ourselves.

#2. Be kind

Even if you don’t have to.
Even when you think others…

Get rid of your clock once in a while.

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We’ve all heard why we need to be more present. How it can mean being a happier person and maybe even avoid some illness later on.

“Be present”, that’s easy to say but so much harder in practice. What’s more, is that all of us have some kind of past that are a part of us and a future that we want.

But how often do we get to really forget about the world and be completely immersed in the moment?

Seeing the smiles, the laughter, and the glistering eyes of our loved ones.
Being completely engulfed in a song…

You don’t have to love what you write, and Joss Whedon might agree.

Well, Joss Whedon hated his movie. I could only wish Joss Whedon read my stories. I would pay him to be my biggest hater and it’d be a good deal.

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Comparison is the thief of joy.

First made vogue by President Theodore Roosevelt and now, hundreds of LinkedIn users and Twitter quoters.

I don’t disagree.

It applies to so many aspects of life and just about everything a person does. …

Don’t use the KonMari method, use the Munkensmat instead.

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The Swedish Death Cleaning, or the Munkensmat, as my crush would call it. She went on and on about this over the entire office and that’s where I learned about this technique.

Yep, the name “Swedish Death Cleaning” sounds horrible, but it’s actually a really helpful concept.

This concept is a lot less of the Marie Kondo type organisation hack, rather it’s more of a method to celebrate and reflect. Then, free yourself and others from the burden of possessing the items.

Essentially, you go through all your items, figure out what you really need and let go of the…

And many countries are rushing this process.

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Before 2020, most countries still use cash (fiat currency) to barter for items.

However, it became an entirely different story since the pandemic outbreak.

This pandemic made it a great time for society to transition into a brand new way of transacting. One that required minimal physical touch.

Whether it is an e-wallet, Paypal-like apps, contactless payment, QR codes, or even Apple/Samsung pay. Pretty soon, we’re gonna start seeing cryptocurrencies being transacted. Maybe even Dogecoin.

Such progress.

Much wow.

Why a cashless society?

Sweden leads the race to a cashless society. Their buses haven’t taken any form of cash for years and more than…

No, it’s not the Law of Attraction.

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Within all of us lies a hidden power. An untapped resource that can open doors to our goals and bring upon the greatest successes. But unfortunately for many, this power is greatly underused and underdeveloped.

On the far contrary, those who practice their imaginative skills end up as some of the most successful people on the planet.

At its essence, imagination simply means the capability of imagining something that could be, without seeing it first.

It is the idea of what the next generation of phones may look like, how to connect the world wirelessly, how to read after sunsets…

When will I have finally done enough?

Photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash

One of the biggest questions as a remote worker or a freelancer is:

At what time are we getting off work?

Don’t get me wrong, the life of being able to work from anywhere and at any time I want is phenomenal. It has given me a lot of freedom to skip unproductive things like getting stuck in traffic and allowed me to double down during my peak performing hours.

However, there is also a much less pretty side to it.

I wake up every Monday and Tuesday with a heck load of motivation thinking that I’ll conquer the world.

Not because it’s interesting and exciting, but for selfish reasons.

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The formal definition of a stock market crash is a 10% fall from its previous highs.

The idea is that when most investors are experiencing a panic in the stock markets, they sell. And when most investors sell, it creates an excess supply of shares in the market.

In economics, when the supply is more than the demand, the price falls.

Same thing here. But when the supply greatly outweighs the demand, the price takes a deep dive. That’s what a market crash is.

For the record, I understand that many people have a huge amount of their hard-earned money…

Marcus Chan

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