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An aspiring writer, passionate about sharing experiences about love, sex and relationships.

Natti can cum after just a few minutes of anal sex — even faster than traditional coitus.

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Is it just me, or is on the rise? I’m on the cusp of Gen X and Gen Y and back when I was in my 20s, there weren’t many of us talking about anal sex, and if we were, most of us said they didn't like it. But now… I’m hearing more and more from guys and girls how much they enjoy a bit of annilingus, some finger action, and for the guys … why not have the tables turned and experience pegging?

Since being with my man Kai, and feeling so secure around him, I discovered…

Know Your Worth, and a general rule for all: be generous with pleasure-giving

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My partner Kai and I are . Once we entered into this world called The Lifestyle, it felt like there was a secret universe that nobody ever told us about where adventure and pleasure abound. When I go about my day, every now and then I might get a quick flashback of when I was licking my partner’s pussy and making her moan, while her partner was fucking me from behind. A hot AF memory, just like that, while I’m browsing the grocery aisles looking for almond flour. …

The Lifestyle has a lot to offer

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I count myself lucky that I found a partner, Kai, who accepts me wholly as I am and loves me through and through, warts and all. When we would talk about our fantasies, a couple of them always seemed to pop up — threesomes and foursomes. While having sex I would whisper in my partner’s ear all the details of what I would be doing with her, and what her partner would be doing to me while Kai would be watching … it got us both so hot and heavy.

These fantasies got us both thinking and Kai started doing…

The similarities I observed in comparison to traditional partner selection.

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Kai and I have been passionate about The Lifestyle (i.e. being swingers) for a while now and it has made me reflect upon earlier days when I was single and looking for a partner.

The way Kai and I choose who we meet and who we would like to play with isn’t very far from the attitude I adopted towards dating around the time I met Kai; however, my selection process at the beginning of using dating apps was very different to how I changed over time to become very specific about what I was looking for.

Everyone comes to…

We met up for drinks … but I wanted more

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Shea and I hadn’t caught up in ages. We used to work together at the hospital in town but as life does, things change and Shea moved on. Shea helped me through a really rough time, and I’d never forgotten her, no matter how busy life had become. She had called me out of the blue, and our usual banter picked up right where we left off.

“We have to catch up!” Shea exclaimed. “I need to introduce Ari to you, and it’s been ages since I’ve seen Kai!”

And now here we were, sat across from one another with…

Modern dating can feel like a pointless exercise.

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I’ve been in a happy committed relationship for over two years now, and I’m glad that I don’t have to deal with the crazy dating world anymore.

There are a lot of single women I talk to who hate dating apps, and I had my fair share of becoming frustrated with them, too, especially because the kinds of guys you meet are rarely the kind that you want to see again. And if you do want to see them again, it’s that kind of messed-up luck that strikes you and they don’t.

When you’re single and dating, the frustration can…

Our connection was about companionship, sex, and freedom.

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Get back on the proverbial Horse

I emerged from my divorce emotionally battered, depressed, and anxious. I’d spent years trying to be the perfect wife to someone that I gradually realized was not the right person for me.

Day by day, one eye-opening revelation at a time, I discovered that I’d made a lifelong commitment to a man I suddenly wanted to be far, far away from.

In response to my distance, my husband’s grip on me tightened, his need for complete control tighter still. It was a nightmare that grew worse with each day that I stayed.

When I left him, I also realized that…

As someone who doesn't often side with mainstream thinking, I've grown accustomed to the idea that receiving a negative reaction to any of my own beliefs is not a reflection on me, but on the person sitting opposite me. It still hurts to feel rejected, especially by someone you love and/or respect, but I find some comfort in thinking, there's nothing wrong with me, they just don't agree with me.

Let me ask you … where are you at, as a couple?

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I have a confession to make … my partner and I are swingers. As someone who used to think monogamy was the key to happiness in a relationship… I’m glad that this recent discovery has shaken things up and made me re-think my beliefs. If you’re reading this, there must be a lot of questions that are coming to mind — “Why even do that?” or “How did that happen?” may be a couple. …

Chrysta Phillips

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